Boy oh boy – lad lit ?

31 May

Going through all my favourite blogs I came across something I felt I must blog about. Though I myself have never read lad lit, I am becoming increasingly curious about it.

Lad lit as the name suggests refers to Chick lit written by men, with the lead character being male. So why would it be classified under the “chick lit” genre? Mainly because the tone is very similar to Chick lit’s tone.Chick lit books The men in these books are often going through dating, work scenarios, love, family issues, and more. Sometimes these books have male and female characters, so the line between chick lit and lad lit gets really fuzzy. In any case, it’s fascinating to see perspectives from the male point of view. This genre has also been described as “What books would be if Bridget Jones was a guy”.

It’s often said that most men would rather sell their souls than talk about their feelings, relationships and love. It’s just not a ‘man’ thing to do. This makes Lad lit, that much more intriguing. For girls it rates among the ‘the best kind of talk’, other than ‘what they think of men’. Girls’ views about men remain consistent.

Here are a few. Men are thoughtless and childish. Men are competitive pack animals, driven by status and money power. A man will run away from relationship and commitment given half a chance and an invitation to the pub. Men are shallow and obsessed with looks, above personality. And men care more about is who’ll win the next world cup rather than the health and future of their relationship with their partner.

These are just a few of the kinder comments girls make about the male species. Not that a guy would get too upset to hear any of them – you wouldn’t expect a man to show too much emotion or insecurity, after all. Particularly, as we know, if there are other guys present.

If all of this is true, then how do you explain “Lad Lit”?Lad Lit is the phenomenon of best-selling books written by men, and bought by lots of men, which tell tales of masculine insecurity in relationships, problems with male identity in the 21st century, and stories which explore the state of play between men and women from an often emotionally confused confessional male perspective.

Like Chick Lit, Lad Lit came from a need to explore the changing demands made on gender roles in modern society as men juggle new stresses and priorities with expectations of how they should behave in work, in love, and in life.

After reading Transhonista’s post on best lad lit book I have short listed some books I’d love to read in the up coming winter break.

Just Like Heaven by Marc Levy

Mr Nice Guy by Thomas Dowler

Mr Commitment by Mike Gayle

How I Paid for College by Marc Acito


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