Text book romance for a ‘Text book romantic’

5 Jun

This going to be a relatively short post, seeing as it is SWOTVAC and all and I should be studying, but I had do this post. Today, revealed a special treat as my friend Amy literally barged into my apartment. “I have something you are going to love” she squealed. I hoped she had a muffin somewhere. But instead she flashed a Pink cover (yess I said it again). You can imagine my excitement.

The Book in question was Zoe Foster and Hamish Blake’s handbook Textbook Romance. Zoe Foster is Cosmopolitan’s dating columnist, which I think makes her an authority on relationships. She tells Ohmygodness that she is always scripting text messages to guys for friends!.Ohmygodness” says the book is witty, direct (with chapters like “Men don’t skip footy training for you”) and scarily accurate. Amy says “its the most useful book she has ever read”.

Bottom line – I want to read it ! So badly!!! .It’s right here, next to me and it’s taking a great amount of self discipline and control for me not to read it right away. My problems aside, the rest of you who have the luxury of time on your hands, must read it and tell me how it was 🙂

P.s – Hamish Blake is Hamish from Hamish and Andy .


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