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Books and Movies

14 May

I know this is a book blog but I believe I can  broaden the definition to include any thing related to chick lit. In that sprit today’s blog is dedicated to movies based on books. Like any decicated chick lit fan I love these movies.The sad truth is that some times I enjoy the movies more. SO..

My Top two Picks for Chick lit movies you MUST SEE

Breafast at Tiffany’s because :

1) It’s a classic.

2) It’s has the perfect fairytale ending.

3) It’s much better than the book.

4) you simply must watch it.

Sex and the city because :

Same as above

My top two pick for movies you must watch this summer

Eat ,Pray love  because :

1) Of Julia Roberts

2) I haven’t read the book and now i don’t have to..

Sex And the City 2 because :

1) SATC 1 was amazing (so i assume this will be better)

2) I want to know what happens next.

3) Of all the rumors around it.

4) The trailers are amazing.

PS – (some gossip)

My Top two Picks for movies still under production ( Based on  the little I know about them)

Can You keep a Secret ? (TBA)

Based on Sophie Kinsella’s novel of the same name, the story is about a junior marketing executive (Kate Hudson) who spills her guts to a handsome airplane co-passenger during a turbulent business flight. Later she learns that the person she was telling all her deepest secrets to was the man heading her firm.

The Undomestic Godess (2011)

Also based on Sophie Kinsella’s novel. About a workaholic female attorney, who believes she wrecked her chances of being named partner at her London firm, had a meltdown and ended up in the English countryside. After stopping at a large house to ask for directions, she is mistaken as a candidate for a maid’s position and takes up a housekeeping job.

According to Andy Fickman (who previously directed ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ and ‘She’s The Man’), will be directing the movie .The screenplay has been written by Aline Brosh McKenna, who also wrote the screenplay for ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’


Hello Chick lit lovers !

28 Apr

This blog is meant for people like me, who enjoy spending the better part of their lives in warm blankets, reading “silly chick lit” books and love every second of it. This blog is a celebration of  books that always make you smile with their predictable endings, stereotypical characters, sexual undertones  and represent everything safe and girlie in world.

In this blog I plan to include news, reviews and rants about books.This blog is also meant for my Net Communications class at University and I will occasionaly go off the topic and talk about some technical ‘mumbo jumbo’ but I will try keep that stuff to a minimum.

Though I’m a complete greenhorn as far as blogging is concerned, I promise to give it my best shot.

I will be posting again soon, till then keep reading